Non-stop daydreamer.

Sorry for being unpopular and a weirdo with different opinions

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A shit ton of hand drawings and then some genderbent friends.

More coming tomorrow.

Also, since I forgot to tag people, I’m gonna tag them now shadowcry98 multimultimero vivthedoodler miyuuayame thegamernurse omeglekat ariwathebunny For those that didn’t see and for those who wanna check em out.
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become part of the “brow”therhood

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Unpopular opinion time

While people are liking extroverts like Jennifer Lawrence.
I’m here liking introverts like Kristen Stewart.
I still can’t believe people still make a big deal out of these things. It doesn’t matter how the fucking movie was, what matters is their personality.
And seriously, before criticizing someone, do your research and check out how that person really is. The fandom,movie, etc doesn’t define the actress or person involved in it.

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You matter.
You’re beautiful.
Your existence matters.

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I always read people say things, either to me or other artists like, “You’re so good, I wish I was as good as you.” / “I can’t draw.” / “I want to draw but my art sucks.”

But see, the thing about art is that its a constant learning process. Every artist that you see started from somewhere, we…

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you're drinking?!

Not anymore?
Well I fell twice in the shower, everyone hates me and I’m making everything worse by just talking.
So I might as well regret everything, punish myself for that and move on.

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I feel kinda silly for putting so much work into something that probably kinda missed the theme urggghh.

I hope tumblr doesn’t fuck up the picture, it should be a 5000x5000 png with around 700dpi. That means I can provide a not-fucked up version?

Included a bit smaller version as a preview!

Even if it doesn’t get chosen, it’d probably look cute on a pillow case, I think. (Merch-idea, nudge nudge. )

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Just to make it clear so shit won’t happen.

Me and Hays aren’t dating anymore.
We’re seeing different people but we’re still best friends.
Thank you

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I ship you with.... HAYAAA x3 what a surprise, huh?



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