But not Read

I liked the transparent version better



But not Read

I liked the transparent version better

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I see a lot of amazing artists getting a lot of support and nice messages from their fans. Especially those who have awesome drawing skill, of course there are some that could do better, but eventually they gain popularity and their mood and personality gain a positive level.

Unfortunately it seems like I get the contrary effect. Plus I’m not saying this to myself, I’m saying this to many artists who aren’t being appreciated for what they do and their hard work.

I’m not complaining I don’t get enough support or anything, because I do. And a lot. There are a lot of special and nice people out there that can really make me feel better. And I feel like I’m getting more care then what I deserve. I love my fans for that.

But recently, I’ve been getting a lot of hate as days pass by, I try not to answer them to cause more trouble than what I already do when this happens. And there are three reasons that people have been judging me for: The lack of socialization between myself and the artist community, my art and popularity.

First thing is: I can’t socialize, it is my one true weakness. I feel scared of disappointing people or ending up making myself look like a total idiot in front of people I really admire. I also feel like I’m bothering them, but nothing stops me from having them as my true inspiration.
Second thing: I’m still not very good at art, but I am really trying my best to get better at what I love doing. I know sometimes what I do isn’t really noticeable, but what really counts was the effort I took to made it and how it pleases me.
And last of all: I know people have been pointing fingers at me for being a whiney selfish person, I apologize for that. But people have been making a certain “competition” between myself and another artist (I will remain this person as it is), by the fact that person is much more popular than me, has a more positive personality, is younger than me and can interact easier with other people who are considered also popular.
I never cared about it. That person is something, I’m something else.
Yes, I am unpopular. Yes, I have a different personality, I am shy and dealing with problems like depression is really hard. And yes, I may be a little older and not have a good art as this younger artist. But I don’t care.

I am different.

I like being different for the way I am.
I know I could do better at some things, but hopefully I’ll get better and I’ll be as great as those amazing artists out there.

But putting hate on me and so many other people who are trying their best to be good at what they love, won’t make you feel better about anything or anyone.

So please, accept the fact that this person is really trying their best.
And embrace them, so they can continue doing well and better at things they do to make other people happy.

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chlors-place said:
X. >:3

X- X-men (anything related to the movies and comic books).

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Anonymous said:
P , G , V

P- Puppies.

G- (video) Games.

V- Violin.

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M , H , O , B

M- Music.

H- Hauser.

O- Otters (because of)


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A- Animal Crossing.

C- Cookies.

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G- Godzilla 

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Gummy Bears <3

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